Seadec Doors

White Primed Doors

White Primed Doors allow you to create a relaxing and classical finish to your home. These doors have laminated solid timber stiles for stability and MDF cover panels for a smooth consistent finish. The surface provides a good base for finishing coats and achieves a smoother finish than traditional timber doors.

 White Primed Doors

We have ideal mix of style of internal doors that can provide both traditional and modern designs to enhance any home. We have now increased the selection of designs that are available in our range. The beauty is that you can customise the finishing colour to your liking.

White Primed Glazed / Unglazed

White primed glass doors are supplied in either clear or Flemish glass in a large range of glass door styles. Flemish glass has the look of hand-blown glass without the seeds and bubbles – or the expense! It slightly distorts the view through it, so it allows light to shine through and brighten up your rooms while also giving your privacy.

The old-world, slightly antique look of Flemish glass also gives your door a unique style. Along with our different styles we also have a large range of glass designs for you to choose from.  This will enhance any room or hall in your home or office.

White Primed Fire Doors

Seadec offer a select range of doors in EI30 and FD30 to complement our existing door range. All of our fire doors are fully accredited by Fire Test Assessment reports, which are available on request and provide detailed information on the door’s scope of use. It is essential that fire doors are fitted in accordance with the certification which will also explain specification of door frame, intumescent materials and ironmongery.

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