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How to Finish Seadec White Primed Products

Understand the essentials of White Primed Seadec Products. 

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Finishing White Primed Products



  1. Preparation is key to any project no matter how big or small. Firstly select a good, dry, clean space to lay the product down flat prior to finishing with sufficient room to work around and where the product can be left to to dry. As with all painting projects adequate ventilation during painting and drying is essential.
  2. The next step is to spend a few minutes checking for any imperfections that may require filling and fine sanding – this is key to achieving a flawless finish and a vital step in the process. The top and bottom of door must be painted the same way to ensure they are fully sealed.
  3. Once the surface is clean and dust free, apply a water based undercoat which will allow better adhesion for your chosen finish.
  4. When the undercoat is dry, give the surface a light sanding before applying your chosen oil or water based finishing coat.
  5. Paint manufacturer’s drying guidelines will vary therefore it is important follow them. While “touch dry” may allow you to handle the product it may not be sufficiently dry to begin fitting hinges and handles until full recommended drying time is completed.