Our trading terms are available on request for our customers, please email or telephone +353(0)906 45 45 44

The copyright of all photographic images of Seadec products remain the property of Whiteriver (WRG) Ltd.
Any persons who wish to display or sell Seadec products online must obtain pre authorisation through Shane Cunningham in our Marketing Department:

The unauthorised use of images which appear on our website our brochures or our price list is strictly prohibited.
Seadec reserve the right to withdraw the authorisation of use of photographic images and web site content.
Please note that any unauthorised use of images or website content may result in legal action being taken for copyright infringement.
While we endeavour to ensure that images represent the colour and structure we cannot guarantee they will be an exact match to the product. Selection prior to fitting is the sole responsibility of the installer and end user.