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Care and Installation Guide

We’re happy to help guide you throughout the installation process and inform you of the correct measures to take when caring for your product.

For fire doors please refer to their certification for fitting instructions.

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Before you start

Your Seadec door and accessories (frames, skirting & architrave) must be stored flat on a clean, dry and level surface, with level battens to allow the air to circulate. To allow your door and accessories to acclimatise to their environment, they should be left in the house, for at least 7 days, with the heating and environment regulated per installation guidelines below. Doors should be stored flat. Environmental and door moisture readings should be taken prior to hanging and recorded, to ensure that the doors and the environment are in correct. Failure to allow the doors to acclimatise may cause excessive expansion and contraction leading to splitting and warping and will void the guarantee.

Unfinished or primed doors must be sealed and painted immediately after hanging with at least three coats applied.

Seadec doors and accessories must not be installed into a house that is freshly plastered, tiled or painted, it is crucial that building is properly dried out and that heating and humidity in building are stable before doors or accessories are brought on site or fitted, please ensure the building meets with the moisture and temperature guidelines below. Should a door require alteration, cutting or planing, it must be immediately varnished with three coats, otherwise it will absorb moisture which can lead to problems such as warping or splitting. Seadec doors may be altered by up to 10mm off the top and bottom and up to 7mm on each side only. However, any alteration of a Seadec door will void the warranty. For Fire Door alterations, please consult the relevant fire certificate.

Where doors are manufactured with solid timber, there has to be a consideration that timber will adjust itself to the environment. Therefore, please note that there is a BS standard of +/- 4mm of a bow tolerance on the length of a door.

Prior to removing the packaging, ensure that the doors, frames, skirting and architrave are the correct size and colour. Prior to removing from packaging, inspect each door, frame and piece of skirting and architrave in daylight for any visible faults or defects, also check the colour structure and finish. Once any Seadec product is removed from its packaging, it is deemed to be acceptable and cannot be returned for any visible faults or defects. Please note: Timber is a natural product and may show variations in colour or graining.

The area of installation (the concrete floor and walls) must not be over 4% moisture content. This can be tested with an appropriate moisture meter. The temperature be between 18° – 22° and the relative humidity between 40% – 60%, while the doors are being stored, before, during and after the installation. Do not bring doors, skirting or architrave into a house or site which does not meet the above conditions.

Ensure that the frames where the doors are being fitted into are plumb, and that the doors are not strained to fit into uneven framing. Fit 3 hinges on all doors at all times.

When fitting a lock or a handle, it is best not to fit the lock where the stile (uprights) meets the rail (horizontals) as this will weaken the structure of the door.

Timber likes pleasant room conditions, just like us, a room temperature of approx 20°C and humidity of about 50% – 60%.

• Use a clean dry cloth to clean the doors.

• Furniture polish may also be used.

• Never use wax or aggressive detergents or products containing ammonia or silicates on Seadec products.

• Our frosted medical glass should be cleaned with a dry, soft cotton cloth. Do not use damp cloths.

Protecting your Seadec Products

Ensure that rooms are well ventilated, particularly in rooms where there are large changes in temperature and moisture. In the event of a proven manufacturing defect, Seadec or the Seadec retailer’s total liability shall under no circumstances exceed the value of the defective product. Seadec or the Seadec retailer’s shall not in any way be responsible for any additional consequential costs or losses. If you are unclear of any of the above instructions, contact your local Seadec supplier.

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