At Seadec, we take immense pride in presenting our 3rd party accredited certification for fire door sets. Backed by stringent third-party regulation and approval from industry-leading joineries and door manufacturers, our fire doors stand as a true testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and compliance.

It is imperative to acknowledge that “Seadec Manucheck” certification, with its rigorous and extensive regulatory oversight, instils utmost confidence and reliance in Seadec’s fire doors among architects, specifiers, joineries, and all esteemed members of the building industry.


Under the technical guidance document Part B, Appendix B mandates strict requirements for complete fire door sets’ correct assembly and permanent identification. To comply with these regulations, each fire door set must bear crucial details, including the assembler’s name, date of supply, fire door classification number, and fire door rating.

These crucial pieces of information serve as a comprehensive record of the fire door’s specifications, ensuring that it meets the appropriate fire safety standards and can be relied upon to safeguard lives and property in the event of a fire. By adhering to these regulatory guidelines, stakeholders can ensure the utmost fire safety assurance and maintain full compliance with the necessary building regulations.

The Benefits of Seadec Manucheck

Who can benefit from Seadec Manucheck?

Architects, fire officers, contractors, building managers, management companies, housing assurance agencies, housing associations, home buyers, landlords, and joinery providers all benefit from the program.


Enhanced Transparency

Seadec Manucheck provides a clear detailing of approved configurations and door set components, ensuring transparency in product specifications and compliance.


Confidence and Credibility

Architects, fire officers, contractors, building managers, management companies, housing assurance agencies, housing associations, home buyers, and landlords all gain confidence in the quality and safety of the fire doors.


Safety Assurance

With Seadec Manucheck, safety is paramount. The program guarantees that fire doors meet stringent safety standards, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents.


Compliance and Peace of mind

Manucheck ensures that all products are in compliance with industry regulations, offering peace of mind to all parties involved in construction and property management.


Streamlined Projects

Using Manucheck-certified components simplifies project planning and execution, as it eliminates the guesswork related to door set specifications.


Time and Cost Savings

By avoiding potential complications arising from non-compliant products, the Manucheck program saves time and costs associated with rework and legal issues.


Long-Term Reliability

Seadec Manucheck certification signifies long-term product reliability and performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

The elements of the audit

In order to provide the maximum confidence in your fire door set, Seadec have introduced a 3rd party accreditation scheme – Seadec Manucheck. This is to audit independently, the manufacturing process of door set manufacturers. There are 3 elements to the audit:

1. Manufacturing process

The joinery is audited to ensure that the manufacturing process is managed to a high standard and that work flows within the joinery are ideally suited for fire door set manufacturing.

2. Traceability

The fire door set assembler is required to show that all door set components, such as hinges, locks fire seals etc that have been used to make up fire door sets with Seadec doors, are compliant with our fire door certification documents.

3. Calibration

The door set manufacturer must show that during the production process a sample of manufactured door sets are tested for important details such as location of hinges, gaps between the door and door frame, to ensure that all door sets are being correctly manufactured.

technical informATION

Fire doors are crucial for passive fire protection in buildings like hospitals, schools and homes. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for high quality fire doors in apartments, duplexes, and three-story houses. Seadec strives to offer superior solutions by prioritizing fire protection, design and environmental management.

About EN 1634.1

Since 2019 and the impact caused by Brexit we have focused on upgrading our fire door certification from BS476.22 which was the older British standard to the new European standard EN 1634.1. EN 1634.1 as a fire test is more difficult to achieve. A combination of factors including more intensive exposure to heat, air pressure and a more accurate measurement of heat transfer through the door means that the EN 1634.1 test is a lot more onerous for a fire door to pass.

About EN 1634.3

There are areas within buildings where the fire doors also need to protect against the movement of smoke in the event of a fire. This is a separate test to a fire test and is certified under EN 1634.3. Doors located in areas such as apartment front entrances, riser doors, hallway doors & stairwell doors usually require smoke control. It is important that the fire doors used in these situations have certification available for fire (EN 1634.1, and smoke control EN 1634.3.)


Apartment front entrance doors require a minimum value of 29db as per part E of the technical Guidance Documents. At Seadec, we can provide a range of doors that will comply with this requirement. At Seadec, we are working constantly to ensure our fire doors comply with will the regulatory requirements for fire safety in Irish buildings.


One of the most critical aspects for fire door sets insitu is their installation on site. In order to make it easier for contractors to ensure that our doors are correctly installed, we have produced a complete installation guide. This is available on-line at www.seadec.ie.

Hinges/locks and other ironmongery

Certification under EN1634.1 is easiest to comply with when the fire door set is assembled using door set components that are specified from within our fire door certification documents. These reports are available for all our fire tested doors. It provides a list of all door set components that can be used with our door, and that have been assessed and approved by the test house who initially fire tested the door.


The appropriate hinges to use with our doors are Grade 13, CE marked, certified under EN 1634.2 and are of a size 102mm x 76mm. Approved hinge dimensions and hinge locations for Seadec EI30 certified doors. For the list of approved hinges, please refer to the relevant certification documents. All hinges used with Seadec doors require the use of 1mm interdens behind them. This provides for extra protection in the event of a fire, and also for additional protection from the spread of smoke.

Fire Door Requirements

The following components MUST be installed within a door to comply with Certification.


Door Closers

Fire resistant doors should be fitted with a door closer that is successfully tested to BS EN 1154 or BS EN 1155. Certifire is an additional reassurance of a quality product.


Door Hinges

All hinges should comply with BS EN 1935 and be Certifire approved. Intumescent hinge pads must be used for compliance.


Fire Door Signage

Should comply to BS EN 1634-1 & BS 8214


Door Handles

Should comply to BS EN 1634-1 & BS 8214


Locks and Latches

Lock / Latches should be recommended as per fire door certification documents. Intumescent lock or latch kits must be used for compliance.


Automatic Drop Down Seals

These can help in the reduction of contaminants & passage of smoke. You should only use the ones listed in the fire door certification documents.


Intumescent Strips

Intumescent strips and cold smoke seals to resist the passage of smoke and fire should be tested to BS 476 Part 22 and Part 31.1 or EN 1634-3.


Under EN 1634.1 certification thresholds should only be used under fire doors with a rating of 30 minutes or less. The correct threshold detail is shown below.

B = Timber threshold, minimum density must be 600kg/m3.
If alternative thresholds are to be used, they will need to be approved by the fire engineer before use.

Concealed door closers

At Seadec, we have tested our fire doors extensively with surface mounted door closers, and also concealed door closers. Our flush doors can be used with Astra, Assa Abloy and Rutland concealed door closers. For additional information on fitting and protecting with intumescent material, please refer to our fire door certification documents.

Vision Panels

At Seadec, many of our fire doors can be supplied with vision panels compliant with part M of the Technical Guidance Documents. For glass types allowed for each of our fire doors, please refer to our fire door certification documents. Installation of the vision panels should be also as per the details outlined on our fire certification documents.


In order to add some character to fire doors, specifiers may often design them with grooved options such as our Utah, Dakota or Colorado doors. Within our fire door certification documents a list approved groove door designs can be found.

Structural Openings

It is important that the structural openings for fire door sets should be large enough to receive the fire door set correctly, and can be correctly fire stopped using an approved fire retardant product. A list of proposed structural opening sizes is shown below for our door sizes.

Fire Stopping

The gap between the structural opening and the back of the door frame must be kept as small as possible. It must be completed with fire stopping material. This helps to stop the spread of fire and smoke. Please refer to our fire certification documents to review what fire stopping materials are allowed with each door type. It is always a good idea to have this material approved by your fire engineer before installing. Installation should be by a properly trained individual.

The Seadec Manucheck Specification Listing 

This comprehensive certification encapsulates every component involved in the manufacturing and installation of fire door sets, from the raw materials to the final product. Through rigorous assessment and verification, Seadec Manucheck guarantees the correct manufacturing processes, meticulous traceability of all door set components, and adherence to precise specifications.

Contact us for our Technical Specification document

Manucheck Frequently Asked Questions

Informative answers to general queries

Who can benefit from Seadec Manucheck?

Architects, fire officers, contractors, building managers, management companies, housing assurance agencies, housing associations, home buyers, landlords, and joinery providers all benefit from the program.

How does Seadec Manucheck enhance transparency?

The program offers clear detailing of approved configurations and door set components, making product specifications and compliance transparent.

Why is credibility important for joinery providers?

Credibility showcases joinery providers as reliable and correctly certified sources for fire doors and components, instilling confidence in their products.

What safety benefits does Seadec Manucheck offer?

The program ensures that fire doors meet stringent safety standards, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents.

How can Seadec Manucheck streamline construction projects?

It simplifies project planning and execution by eliminating guesswork related to door set specifications, saving time and costs.

What is the long-term impact of Seadec Manucheck certification?

The certification signifies long-term product reliability and performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

What are the main Seadec Manucheck benefits?

Independent 3rd party approved certification for fire doorset manufacturers.

• Independent audit of Manufacturing processes in the Joinery.
• Assurance that the correct doorset components have been used.
• Continuous sampling and calibration.
• Audits are carried out in house on an annual basis.
• Desk audits are carried out periodically if required.
• The Auditing body in ITEC who are independent of Seadec.
• ITEC is an EU notified auditing body for construction products.

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