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Louth Timber Products Ltd has obtained the MANUCHECK MNK 05.032 certificate for the assembly of fire protection door components – ITeC

Seadec Manucheck is a third-party accreditation program focused on assembling internal fire door sets. ITeC conducts direct audits to ensure that fire door sets supplied under this scheme meet the following criteria:

  1. They are manufactured correctly.
  2. They are assembled using the door set components listed in Seadec fire door certifications under EN 13501-2, EN 1634-1, or BS 476-22 classifications.
  3. Regular sampling of door components is conducted to verify proper door gaps and the correct placement of hinges, overhead door closers, locks, and other components.

Seadec, a prominent distributor of fire door leaves in Ireland, has introduced the Seadec Manucheck scheme to provide confidence to its joinery partners, contractors, fire engineers, and specifiers that their door sets have the right certifications. ITeC, a leading audit and notified body for AVCP activities within the Regulation (UE) 305/2011 for Construction Products, has thoughtfully designed Seadec Manucheck to meet the specific market demands in Ireland for independently certified fire door sets. This certification allows Louth Timber Products Ltd to distinguish itself from competitors by showcasing technical expertise, financial stability, professionalism, a customer-oriented management system, and the employment of qualified personnel.

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